Simple CLI app written in Kotlin (1.5.31) on Java 11, using Spring Boot. Queries a URI (default)
as an XML source. Attempts to validate that XML against the local schema, and converts the XML to JSON and back.
Optionally will accept a different URI as an XML source.

XML and JSON Conversion

XML to JSON and JSON to XML conversion support is provided by the org.json JSON-java library.
During execution, user will have the option to write output to a file(s), or directly to the console.

Dependency Management

Maven is used for dependency management in this project.


Testing is performed using JUnit5 and the junit5-system-exit library to validate calls to System.exit()


To execute this application an IDE may be used, or the command-line. One method to launch the app if Maven is installed
is with the following command:

Before execution of the below command, ensure you are at the root of the project where pom.xml is accessible.

mvn org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-maven-plugin:run


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