Simple Android application to calculate a tip amount

What i’ve learned?

  • How to work with layouts in XML files
  • Classes and inheritance in Kotlin
  • What is and how to work with buttons, switches and toggle buttons
  • How to intreact with different UI elements and perform actions with them (setOnClickListener(), setOnKeyListener()…)
  • What is style and theme of an Android application
  • How to change styles and themes
  • How to change app’s icon (also learned about adaptive icons, vector graphics and so on…)
  • Fell in love with Material Design by Google (especially MD3?)
  • How to make app more accessible for disabled people
  • How to work with horizontal orientation
  • Got familiar with instrumentation tests (Espresso basicsā˜•, wrote 2 automated tests)

How it looks?

ezgif com-gif-maker (7)


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