Multi-module demo app that gets data from a Dota2 api.

List to Detail screen


Module Design

Module name Type Description
app Android Application MainActivity, BaseApplication, Theme, Hilt setup.
core Java/Kotlin Library Core business models and classes.
hero-datasource Java/Kotlin Library Data-sources (network and cache) for the hero Module.
hero-datasource-test Java/Kotlin Library Data-source test fakes. These are contained in their own module so they can be used in tests in other modules.
hero-domain Java/Kotlin Library Domain models and classes for the hero Module.
hero-interactors Java/Kotlin Library Use-cases for the hero Module.
ui-heroList Android Library UI components for the HeroList screen.
ui-heroDetail Android Library UI components for the HeroDetail screen.
constants Java/Kotlin Library Random constants.
components Android Library Common Composables.



Unit Tests

I wrote unit tests for every use-case.

  1. GetHerosTest.kt
  2. GetHeroFromCacheTest.kt
  3. FilterHerosTest.kt

Compose UI Tests

UI Tests

build.gradle files

There are 3 types of build.gradle files.

  1. android application (app module)
  2. android-library-build.gradle
    • Android module that contains ui components.
  3. library-build.gradle
    • Pure java/kotlin library.


Hero Stats (GET)


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