NotesApp is a project which demonstrates the power of Kotlin’s Ktor in developing powerful REST APIs with all basic as
well as advanced features.

Project is live at Heroku Link.

Status: 🚧 In progress 🚧


  1. IntelliJ Idea


Ktor Controller (http) -> Route (business) -> Repository (data)


  1. Create Notes
  2. Update Notes
  3. Fetch Notes
  4. Delete Notes
  5. JWT Authentication
  6. Ktorm ORM for DB + Postgress
  7. Dependency Injection using Koin
  8. Automatic and easy deployment to Heroku

Coming soon -:

  1. Pagination
  2. Sorting results using parameters
  3. Unit Testing
  4. Middlewares for Validations
  5. Searching


Use IntelliJ IDEA, community or enterprise edition to open the project and
follow these steps to run the Application.

Notes -: Customise the application.conf file. Fill your own
secret, audience, issuer, realm to configure the JWT.
Similarly,specify your port and host inside the application.conf
file in which you want to run the server. Also mention you database connection string in key jdbc_db_url

You can use whatever db you are comfortable in MySql, Postgres.


Notes API

  1. Create a new note

POST http://host:port/note
Content-Type: application/json

  "note": "your-note",
  1. Fetch all notes

GET http://host:port/notes
  1. Fetch a particular note

GET http://host:port/notes/{id}
  1. Delete a particular note

DELETE http://host:port/notes/{id}
  1. Update a particular note

PUT http://host:port/notes/{id}


  1. Register

POST http://host:port/register
Content-Type: application/json

  "username": "username",
  "password": "password"
  1. Login

POST http://host:port/login
Content-Type: application/json

  "username": "username",
  "password": "password"


  1. Open

GET http://host:port/open
  1. Download

GET http://host:port/download


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