Server/Client Chatting application that uses Ktor websockets.
The application allows you to choose whether to chat in a group chat or privately to a specific connected user

Note: Make sure to allow the Client.kt file to run in parallel in order to run multiple instances

When you start the client the server asks for your name then let you know who is/are in the
server, and gives you the option to choose between group chat or private chat


1 Client

2 Clients


Let’s say client 1 & 2 both chose option 1 (group chatting) the they will be chatting in a public channel anyone can join

And if someone joined or left they’ll be notified


The server gives you the option to chat with anyone within the server privately.
Note that the private message will not intercept with the group chat unless you message
someone who’s joined a group chat channel, and if so he’ll be the only one who sees the message.

The server first list the connected users and append (in group chat) to their name if they are currently in GC channel

3 client group chatting and 2 privately


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