With Showcase, you can easily show tooltips. Showcase will highlight the view and show tooltip on it. You can customize title and description text fields, backgrounds and arrow positions. Also you can have callback when user quits from Showcase.


  • To implement Showcase to your Android project via Gradle, you need to add Jitpack repository to your root build.gradle.

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { url '' }
  • After adding Jitpack repository, you can add Showcase dependency to your app level build.gradle.

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.github.mohammadfrh:showCase:1.0.0'

⚠️ To use Showcase, you need to enable dataBinding from your main project’s build.gradle.


You can easily use ShowcaseManager.Builder to create Showcase.

val showcaseManager = ShowcaseManager.Builder()  
    .titleText("Title about myView")  
    .descriptionText("Little bit info for my lovely myView")  

Builder Configuration

Usage Description Optional Default Value StyleRes
builder.view(View) view to be focused on no null no
builder.resId(Int) Showcase.Theme style yes null yes
builder.titleText(String) text to be showed on top of the tooltip yes “” no
builder.descriptionText(String) description text will be displayed on tooltip yes “” no
builder.titleTextColor(Int) titleText’s color yes Color.BLACK yes
builder.descriptionTextColor(Int) descriptionText’s color yes Color.BLACK yes
builder.titleTextSize(Int) titleText’s text size in SP yes 18 SP no
builder.descriptionTextSize(Int) descriptionText’s text size in SP yes 14 SP no
builder.backgroundColor(Int) background color of tooltip yes Color.WHITE yes
builder.closeButtonColor(Int) closeButton’s color yes Color.BLACK yes
builder.showCloseButton(Boolean) show close button on tooltip yes true yes
builder.ArrowPosition(ArrowPosition) arrow can be placed under or over the tooltip yes ArrowPosition.AUTO no
builder.highlightType(HighlightType) view can be highlighted with a circle shape or rectangle yes HighlightType.RECTANGLE no
builder.cancelListener(CancelListener) will be called after user quit from tooltip yes null no
builder.arrowPercentage(Int) arrow position percentage can be decided yes null no
builder.windowBackgroundColor(Int) background of the window’s color can be decided yes Color.BLACK yes
builder.windowBackgroundTint(Int) alpha value of window’s background color yes 204 no
builder.titleTextSize(Int) titleText’s text size in SP yes 18 no
builder.cancellableFromOutsideTouch(Boolean) outside touch from tooltip will act as close click yes no yes will return ShowcaseManager instance no show the tooltip with set attributes on no


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