Share and discover the best workout and diet plan on FitLink – the ultimate social platform for fitness enthusiasts.

How to Install:

Currently, this application can only run by installation using Android studio

  1. Star and Fork this repo.
  2. Go to android studio.
  3. Must check if you have linked your android studio with your github account.
  4. If you haven’t linked it yet, then follow this method.
  5. If you have, then Go to File -> New -> Project from Version Control -> Github
  6. There, you will all your repositories and just select the “FitLink” fork.
  7. Sync gradle and run the project.

Current Features:

  1. Login using Auht0
  2. Logout Auth0 account
  3. Create a new FitLink Post and upload to firebase
  4. Read all the posts from Firebase
  5. Navigate between different tabs


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Technologies/Tools Used:

  1. Android SDK
  2. Kotlin
  3. Jetpack Compose
  4. Auth0
  5. Firebase
  6. Hilt
  7. Coil
  8. Coroutines

Future Upgrades/Want to:

This project is Open to contribute

  1. Implement Search tab
  2. Implement Bookmarks tab
  3. Implement Profile tab
  4. Search for different Users, diet and workout plans of user, plans based on categories.
  5. Fork(like github) other’s routine.
  6. Follow and alarms for routines
  7. Followers/Followings feature
  8. Create different type of posts like, diet post, normal post(like tweet/blog), etc.
  9. Get all posts of some user.
  10. Correct color pallete and complete TODOs.


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