Shake to create Bug Report on GitHub, GitLab and Azure DevOps!


Beetle allow your QA team to easily create issues on GitHub, GitLab and Azure DevOps by shaking their device. It is initialized in Application class with agent credentials and doesn't require any additional permissions.


  • Directly creates issues from the device with only one easy step
  • Adds current screenshot as Attachment. (GitLab, Azure DevOps)
  • Assign issues to related users
  • Add Labels (GitHub, GitLab)
  • (Coming Soon) Include device info in issue description

Installation & Usage

1. Add it in your root build.gradle file.

allprojects {
	repositories {
		maven { url '' }

2. Add the dependency

dependencies {
	  implementation 'com.github.karacce:Beetle:{latest-version}'

3. Initialize Beetle in Application file

class SampleApplication: Application() {

    override fun onCreate() {
        /** Initialize with Azure DevOps **/, "karacce", "Beetle", "[email protected]", "token")
        /** Initialize with GitHub **/
        Beetle.github(this, "karacce", "Beetle", "token")
        /** Initialize with GitLab **/
        Beetle.gitlab(this, 12899898, "token")