NASA APOD – Multimodule & Compose Sample

Android Studio

Sample application to test and practice new technologies using the NASA Astronomical Picture of the Day API for data.

Research items

Research items in this app are listed up in this link:

About tests

Test are made a available through the Gradle task Run Tests in Android Studio “Run Configurations”.

Building the Project & NASA APIs key

You will need to create a file in the project root directory, and add apiKeys.nasaApiKey="your_api_key_from_nasa_api".

API Key generation available at


Android Version

  • minSdkVersion = 26 (Android 8)
  • targetSdkVersion = 31 (Android 12)

Tested Devices

  • [Emulator] Pixel 3 (Android 8)
  • Samsung S9+ (Android 10) [Main development device]
  • [Emulator] Pixel 4 (Android 11)
  • [Emulator] Pixel 4 (Android 12)


  • Green arrows represent Hilt related dependencies.
  • Pink arrows represent dev/mock related dependencies.

Long-term Objective (WIP)

Make :core usable as a multiplatform module. If possible, use JetBrains Compose Multiplatform to provide and share as many UI components as possible.

  • Strings are currently provided directly in the composable screens as it may be needed for a special resource management class to provide localized strings in JetBrains Compose Multiplatform.


Handle dependencies and provide custom common dependency scripts. The project local Gradle properties are accessed here. (

Android App (:app)

The Android application main module. A dev environment is provided with a mock API to run the app even if the server is not available.

Product Flavors
flavor Description
product Used to create the final deliverable
qa Flavor that currently hits the API, can be targeted to a stub if necessary
dev Mocks the API and provides extra debug options for development

Common (Android)

Provides resources and dependency injection (DI) shared components between the Android :app and its :features


Mainly targets the UseCase provider. Note that datasource and repository DI providers are located in their respective modules as they are not required to be accessed here. (the UseCase module already handles that for us).


All UI components that are meant to be shared/reused through the different :feature and :app modules. (Ex. Buttons, TextViews, Themes, Colors, etc…) Utility Kotlin extensions to be used in different modules can also be provided here.

This module is expected to evolve once Kotlin Multiplatform is implemented.


Contains the business logic and tests. The (work in progress) goal is to make this module reusable by all targeted operating systems by making it fully multiplatform.


Contains the single representation of a real world objects, a concepts or a categories about which information is stored.

  • Real world object : Planet
  • Concept : User Preferences
  • Category : Media type (Video, Photo, …)
A note on Entities

Entities are added as a dependency through the app to reduce the requirement of duplicating entity like classes, improving consistency of concepts through the app.


Defines the app’s specification different use scenarios and actionable items, handling the result of the execution of said actions. A test case is expected For each provided use case.


Interfaces to access functionality provided by the OS (Ex. GPS, device sensors, etc…)


Repository interfaces.


Interfaces for data persistence and its retrieval


Interfaces for the APIs, Requests and Response classes are defined here.


This module set ties together the :core interfaces to the actual implementation of the OS.


Implementation of :core:systems


Implementation of :core:repositories


Implementation of :core:datasources


Implementation of :core:apis

This is a module that might be able to be handled as a Multiplatform module


Module set of Mocks for :core interfaces.


In-App implementation of the APIs to allow continuous development even if the Stub of target server is not available.

This is a module that might be able to be handled as a Multiplatform module


The app features


Actual feature added to the app. (Ex. Gallery)

Technologies & Libraries


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