RSocket messaging services communication CI

RSocket, WebFlux, Reactor, Kotlin, Coroutines

edge-service <-~-> web-service <-~-> coroutines-service <-~-> reactor-service

Getting Started

./mvnw -f reactor-service     spring-boot:start
./mvnw -f coroutines-service  spring-boot:start
./mvnw -f web-service         spring-boot:start
./mvnw -f edge-service        spring-boot:start

http get :8004/api/messages
http post :8004/api/messages data=Hey
http get :8004/api/messages/3

./mvnw -f edge-service        spring-boot:stop
./mvnw -f web-service         spring-boot:stop
./mvnw -f coroutines-service  spring-boot:stop
./mvnw -f reactor-service     spring-boot:stop

Reference Documentation

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