Repository for projects created for Android mobile apps using the Kotlin programming language.


As a software engineer I am creating software to further your learning of the Kotlin language and Android mobile apps.

As a complete beginner with Android, my firt program is, of course, “Hello, World!”

Next, I created a birthday greeting app with a picture of a birthday cake and a message banner.

Birthday Greeting App

I created the birthday greeting app because my husband will celebrate his birthday in two days, so it seemed useful.

Finally, I followed the Mobile App Workshop to create the Temperature Converter app.

Temp Converter App

This link is for a YouTube video I created. It is a 5 minute demo of the app running and a walkthrough of the code.

Software Demo Video

Development Environment

The tools that you used to develop the apps were the Android Studio tutorials and platform including the Android Emulator and Android SDK, codelabs tutorials and platform, and gitHub.

This mobile app was written in the Kotlin programming language.

Useful Websites

{Make a list of websites that you found helpful in this project}

Future Work

{Make a list of things that you need to fix, improve, and add in the future.}

  • The Temp Converter app has warnings about using underscores that need to be fixed.
  • The Birthday Greetings app doesn’t run on the emulator yet. I have to get the inputs and outputs set up.


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