Quest bot for sc2ad’s quest server

This bot handles the memes functionality of the discord server.


This uses Kotlin as it’s sole and primary language, with Javacord as its library.

This makes heavy use of Guice for initializing and injecting dependencies (why not)


Commands are scanned by the Injector at server startup. Inherit CommandHandler and the rest is done for you

Take a look at PinkCuteCommand as an example


Currently, there is only MessageListener. Inherit this class, bootstrapper will find it and inject it.


You can either use the profile configured in the project for Intellij or in the terminal ./gradlew clean build

Dev testing running

Setup token.txt with the bot token and then run using the Intellij run profile or `./gradlew run


Deployment assumes usage of the gradle distribution plugin

In other words, using the zips in build/distributions


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