MensaBot – A bot that reminds you of your food in your mensa

This bot sends you a daily reminder of the current food in your canteen. Additionally, you can use commands to request the listing directly.


  • Schedule daily posts about the food in your mensa
  • Request summary of food in your mensa (at the current date)
  • Change display name per room
  • Simple rights management (only configured admins can interact with the bot)



  1. Get a matrix account for the bot (e.g., on your own homeserver or on
  2. Prepare configuration:
    • Copy config-sample.json to config.json
    • Enter baseUrl to the matrix server and username / password for the bot user
    • Add yourself to the admins (and delete my account from the list :))
  3. Either run the bot via jar or run it via the provided docker.
    • If you run it locally, you can use the environment variable CONFIG_PATH to point at your config.json (defaults to ./config.json)
    • If you run it in docker, you can use a command similar to this docker run -itd -v $LOCAL_PATH_TO_CONFIG:/usr/src/bot/data/config.json:ro


  • An admin can invite the bot to an unencrypted room. If the room has enabled encryption or if the invite was not sent by an admin, the bot ignores it (without logging it)
  • After the bot has joined use !mensa help to get an overview about the features of the bot (remember: the bot only respond to admin users)
  • In order to get daily notifications about the food in your mensa, simply use !mensa subscribe. This command will print the room id of the current room into the channel. Add this channel to the list in the config and restart the bot.


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  • The basic functionality (commands) are located in Main.kt. There you can also find the main method of the program.
  • Every mensa that shall be considered has to implement the MensaAPI. Currently, there is only one implementation for the interface.
  • The file valid_mensa.json defines the considered mensas and food lines from the interface


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