A generic app that can be easily configured to help the user track and optimize any given outcome variable.

5-Minute Quick Start

  • Fork this repository.
  • Install Node.js. (Windows Developers: We recommend Visual Studio Community, which automatically installs everything you need!)
  • Install the latest Cordova and Ionic command-line tools in your terminal with npm install -g gulp [email protected] [email protected] bower cordova-hot-code-push-cli. # Adding plugins from Github doesn't work on [email protected] (Mac Users: Avoid using sudo with your npm commands if possible as it tends to cause problems.)
  • Run npm install in the root of this repository.
  • Create your application at app.quantimo.do/api/v2/apps.
  • Run gulp devSetup in the root of this repository, follow the prompts, and you should see your app at http://localhost:8100/#/ or similar.
  • Need help? Please create an issue or contact us at help.quantimo.do.