failed Proof of concept on pid spoofing for android

prerequisite knowledge

Some critical android service has a loose permission check, via Binder.getCallingPid() i.e WearPackageIconProvider

what to exploit

We may trick the server into identifying our request is issued from a system process, thus execute our arbitrary request

how to achieve

  1. Cast an ipc call to the android server
  2. Kill ourselves
  3. Employ another process to spawn and exit shell process thus to rolling the pid to someone near $pid-a
  4. Launch a system application into $pid-a
  5. The server identify the call in step 1 as issued from a system application, thus we can bypass the permission check

The difficultly lays that the execution of the server must be slow enough so that we have done step 2/3/4 which normally takes 5 minutes or so even at our best effort

PidSpoofing implement some mechanism to block server execution for arbitrary seconds / hours


Android pid reuse is not in a linear, predictable, stable way, thus I failed in the last step launch into a system application with designated pid, the pid may not reuse but skip


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