Profile Picture View for Android

Use this Library to show Profile Picture using url or show initial letter of user’s name. This Library is Written in Kotlin.


Profile Picture View for Android


Add Jitpack in Profile level build.gradle file if you don’t have.

  allprojects {
		repositories {
			maven { url '' }

Add Profile Picture View Dependency.

  implementation 'com.github.JoshTalks:profile-picture-view:1.0.0'


Action Code
Pass Image Url using data binding app:dynamicImageUrl=”@{handler.imageUrl}”
Pass User Name using data binding app:dynamicUsername=”@{handler.username}”
Change Shape (Rounded is Default) app:shape
Change Corner Radius if using Rounded Shape app:cornerRadius
Change Name Letters) app:nameLetters
Change text color app:textColor
Change text size app:textSize
Change background color android:background
Change scale type android:scaleType
Pass User Name without data binding app:userName=”User Name”
Pass User Name without data binding app:imageUrl=”

Note: All these Attributes can be set or changed programmatically as well.


MIT License

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