a professional application for tracking cryptoCurrencies developed with kotlin

About This Project

ExTracker is a cryptocurrency Application.In this application users can track cryptoCurrencies market. track prices, charts, marketcap and etc… . also users can create their own portfolio and see their capital value changes.
they also can track ctyptocurrencies news and calculate exchange rates.

This application uses:

  • Voley for rest api requests
  • Realm for cache data
  • Service for notifications
  • Fragment Transaction for fragments
  • androidx.Biometric for finger print onlock
  • hello chart jer dependency(offline) for charts
  • gson for serialize and deserialize objects and strings
  • picaso for load images

And finally ExTracker supports two languages (fa and en) and has light and dark theme.
also users can lock application and onlock it with their fingerprint.

Development Sections

This project has 1 branche:

  • master

And finally tag – v1.0.0

How to export

The application codes doesnt obfuscated. so before sign it should become obfuscated.

How to use application

This application has five main sections, as it appeared in bottom navigaiton component:

  • exchange rate calculator
  • portfolio
  • market
  • news
  • settings


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