Phuljhari. – Android App Build status

Phuljhari is a companion applicatioon for out IoT based Patient Monitoring System Phuljhari is a cloud connected front-end interface With Phuljhari you can access all the data outside the institution premises.


Phuljhari is a part of the Patient Monitoring System’s cloud side interfaces. All the data instead of being accessed directly from the MCU, The stats are updated to Google Fiebase cloud and the Phuljhari interface shows it and also provides visual aids to better process the data.

This application was originally created and released under the GNU GPLv3.


The android app lets you:

  • Access live stats from the Database
  • No need for on-premises VPN or port-forwarding
  • All the data is visualized and easy to assimilate
  • All the code is opensource.
  • Cutting edge features like MVVM and Databinding are implemented
  • All the libaries used are opensource
  • Can operate using very little network throughput
  • Minimal permission required.
  • Can operate withou any user permissions.



On Android versions prior to Android 6.0, Phuljhari requires the following permissions:

  • Full Network Access.


Scoped storage needs to be implemented, for Android 11.


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