PassCode is the Android app made by using the Jetpack Compose. Created for the test task submission.


Dark Theme Light Theme


The ACs for the submission:

Create a screen that does one simple thing – it asks for a passcode (6 numbers). When the passcode is entered user has to confirm it by entering the same passcode a second time. If the second-entered passcode does not equal the original one – show the dialog with one button. When the dialog button is pressed (or when the dialog is dismissed) the screen should be reset to the original state. When the passcode is successfully set – show Snackbar with a message and reset the screen into its original state. The back button in Toolbar should finish the Activity.

I added some UX improvements:

  • Dark mode support
  • Passcode shake and phone vibration upon wrong passcode confirmation
  • Different animations, and the header titles sliding to provide visual feedback
  • Exit warning alert prompt
  • Long click on “Delete” key to erase passcode


Basil Miller [email protected]


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