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PaintMe Is a simple one screen-canvas painting app. Feel free to show your artistic talent on the wide canvas provided!


Submitting a Pull Request

  • Fork the repository by clicking the fork button on top right corner of the page
  • Clone the target repository. To clone, click on the clone button and copy the https address. Then run
git clone
  • Go to the cloned directory by running
cd paint-me
  • Create a new branch. Use
 git checkout -b [YOUR-BRANCH-NAME]
  • Make your changes to the code. Add changes to your branch by using
git add .
  • Commit the changes by executing
git commit -m "your msg"
  • Push to remote. To do this, run
git push origin [YOUR-BRANCH-NAME]
  • Create a pull request. Go to the target repository and click on the “Compare & pull request” button. Make sure your PR description mentions which issues you’re solving. ss.png
  • Wait for your request to be accepted.

Guidelines for Pull Request

  • Avoid pull requests that :
    • are automated or scripted
    • that are plagarized from someone else’s branch
  • Do not spam
  • Project maintainer’s decision on validity of PR is final.

For additional guidelines, refer to participation rules


PaintMe is a fun app to showcase how you can make a simple paint app using Canvas.


Lets get started!

git remote add
git fetch
git merge


Authors: Anshul Kumar, shambhavi sinha


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