Rem’s Studio

Please visit the website for all the info you need about Rem’s Studio.

This studio is a video editor, which is intended for starters in the video industry, or YouTubers, and was inspired
by the channel YDS. I wanted to be able to make those transitions
and motions easily myself. Without needing to buy some expensive software.

Screenshot of working in the program

That’s why Rem’s Studio will always be sold low-priced to individuals, and may stay free, if you build it yourself (
proof of work, that you really can’t afford it ;)). In the alpha times, you all are early testers, so you get it for **
free** anyways <3 :D.

The name is from Rem, an Anime character, I like; inspired by YDS, too, because they use the Anime/Manga style. If you
have issues with that, you can imagine it’s named after Rembrandt.

The project is developed with Kotlin, JVM, so plugins should be possible, and are a goal at some point. It is
additionally developed with Java, so it works with Windows and Linux.

Currently used libraries


Download on the official website


To build Rem’s Studio, I am using Intellij Idea (the community edition is free). It should work in other IDEs as well,
you just need to add all libraries. In Intellij Idea set the memory of the compiler (Settings/Build/Compiler) to more
than 700 MB, as it becomes awfully slow with that amount, or even crashes.

The main class for starting the video editor is me.anno.remsstudio.Runner.

Rem’s Engine

See my progress on my personal game engine


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