Vortex, a Data-driven Live Wallpaper (Google Play), is an Unity-Android hybrid live wallpaper developed by JustZht.
Based on data acquired from Awareness API including weather, location, time, human motion, Vortex manipulate the flowing particles with different parameters.

Project Structure

Vortex consists of two parts: Unity as the graphical frontends, and Android as the data provider.

├── Assets
│   ├── Demigiant // free version of DOTween
│   ├── Editor
│   ├── FinGameWorks // my code module
│   ├── JsonDotNet // free version of Json.Net
│   ├── Plugins // my own LWP solution
│   └── Resources
├── Builds
│   └── Android
│       ├── Temp // temp export directory
│       │   ├── launcher
│       │   └── unityLibrary
│       └── Vortex // main android project
│           ├── launcher
│           └── unityLibrary
├── Packages
└── ProjectSettings

Unity (>=2019.3) would export the updated Android Gradle project to the Builds/Android/Temp directory, and a post-processing script would copy the newly generated unityLibrary directory to the same place in Builds/Android/Vortex, essentially replacing the old one. The unityLibrary directory contains the often-updated Unity part, while the launcher directory contains the persistent, native Android part, including java files and xmls.

Vortex deploys my own solution for Unity-Android live wallpaper, called UniLWP, which is both free for the basic version and commercially on sale (Asset Store) for a complete feature set.

Build Instructions