SpellCounter is a free, open source Magic: The Gathering life and counter tracking app


  • 100% free with no ads
  • Supports up to 8 players with multiple layout options
  • Add any number of built-in or custom counters
  • Use images, text, emoji, and animated gifs to customize counters
  • Create custom profiles for players or decks
  • Dark Mode support and a number of custom themes
  • Dice rolling from within a game

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Screen Shots

Game Screen (Light Mode) Game Screen (Dark Mode) Setup Screen Game Screen with Counters Configuring Profile and Counters


Feel free to use this code however you’d like. If you are interested in contributing, feel free to fork the code and open a pull request. Any features added or bugs fixed will be included in the next update to Google Play. If you make a contribution to the code I will be sure to include you in an Acknowledgments section in the app

Please also report any issues you encounter while using the app in the Issues tab. That is also a good place to look if you’d like to contribute to features or bug fixes


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