Compose icons is a pack of libraries that provide well known Icon Packs to use in Jetpack Compose Multiplatform. The library usage is inspired by Compose Material Icons.

Compose versions

  • Jetpack Compose (Android): 1.0.0-beta01
  • Jetbrains Compose (Desktop): 0.3.1

Adding to your project

Add the project repository:

repositories {

For Jetpack Compose (Android):


For Jetbrains Compose (Desktop):



    imageVector = FontAwesomeIcons.Brands.Github,

Icon Packs

Icon pack Icon Version Dependency All Icons Docs
Simple-Icons 4.14.0 simple-icons docs
Feather 4.28.0 feather docs
Tabler Icons 1.39.1 tabler-icons docs
Eva Icons 1.1.3 eva-icons docs
Font Awesome 5.15.2 font-awesome docs

How the project works

The project uses Kotlin Scripting (main.kts) to download and generate the icons into Compose source code, to generate the source code it uses the tooling library svg-to-compose.

Currently, the Jetpack Compose(Android) and Jetbrains Compose (Desktop/Multiplatform) are a separated artifact and builds, this means that for the library to support both is need artifacts for both.

In the future, when Compose Desktop and Android use the same artifact, the project will migrate to it and use only one artifact for both.