This application already has some user on Play Store market. So this open source project provides you the working solution about specific API's.

App Features

  • App locker
  • Fingerprint Validation
  • Vault Image/Video file (File Encryption/Decryption)
  • Block call (Blacklist)
  • Private Browser
  • Take intruders photo secretly (Camera 1 API)

What can I learn

  • RxJava 2
  • Dagger 2
  • Room Database
  • ViewModel & LiveData
  • Work Manager
  • FingerPrint API
  • App Usage Stat Manager (Is any app comes to foreground/background)
  • Background & Foreground Services (covers all android versions)
  • MVVM pattern using ViewState
  • DataBinding; Binding Adapter, Binding Conversion and more.
  • Kotlin Delegates
  • File Cryptography in Android
  • Call Screening Service (For creating custom dialer app)
  • Custom Browser
  • Camera 1 API to take photo without preview.
  • Overlay Activity from background Service
  • more..