Table of content:

1-About the app.

4-Technologies used.

5-Tools used.


8-Build & Run

1-About the App:

Notes App with clean Architecture using SOLID principles and MVVM

Allow the user to:

-create new note. -Give them the word count of their massage. -Remove the messages. -Edit the existing messages.

The link on Behance:

4-Technologies used:

Kotlin -Clean Architecture-Solid principles- MVVM – ROOM – Coroutines – Injection Dependency(Dagger2) -LiveData – ViewModel

5-Tools used:

1-Android studio


Screenshot 2023-01-24 003649

8-Build & Run

8-Build & run Before we dive into building and running a fully featured Messenger for Android, ensure that you’ve read the following.

.Latest Android Studio Installed

.An Android Device

.Building the code is as simple as:

*Launch Android Studio

*Open the project from the folder where you have downloaded the code using menu File -> Open

*Build using menu Build -> Rebuild Project

*It may take a while to build the project for the first time.

8Once the build is over, run on the device using menu Run -> Run (app)

*That’s it, you should see the welcome screen like below.


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