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This repository is the Capstone Project in Bangkit Academy 2022. This application is purpose to help user to get hotel recommendations. Platform

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Our Team

Name Bangkit-ID Path
Abu Davi M2002G0034 Machine Learning
Christell James Cellose M2003F0139 Machine Learning
Fatiha Agyal Shahwiya M2002G0032 Machine Learning
Muhammad Gusanwa Akbar M2441W3035 Machine Learning
Alvi Geovanny C2213F1976 Cloud Computing
Fajar Fitrianto C7194F1847 Cloud Computing
Kelvin C2213G1975 Cloud Computing
Faiz Rofi Hencya A2012F1244 Mobile Development
Fikky Ardianto A7355G2901 Mobile Development
Thoriq Harizul Ahsan A2441W3032 Mobile Development

Application Install

You can Install and test latest Next Hotel app from below πŸ‘‡


Getting started

  • Prerequisites

    • Android
    • Internet connection
  • Installation

    • Download the APK
    • Install the APK


  • How to get hotel recommendations from user personalized

    • Open App
    • On survey page, choose your interest
    • In the Home Screen, “Hotel For You” Section is the recommendations.
  • How to get Hotel ranking by general

    • Open App
    • In the Home Screen, “Best Pick” Section is the hotel ranking.
  • How to find hotel

    • Open App
    • In the Home Screen, Click “Search View” fill keyword.
    • The result will show.
  • How to share hotel

    • Open App
    • In the Home Screen, click hotel you want to share.
    • In the detail screen, click share button.
    • Share to your friend.


Clone the repository on your machine. Open the project on your IDE and run it.


  • Hotel Recommendation Based on Your Personalized
  • Hotel Best Pick
  • Explore Hotels
  • Clean and Simple Material UI
  • Light Mode and Dark Mode πŸŒ—

MAD Score

Full details of MAD Score:

πŸ“Έ Screenshots

Built With πŸ› 

  • Kotlin – First class and official programming language for Android development.
  • Coroutines – A coroutine is a concurrency design pattern that you can use on Android to simplify code that executes asynchronously.
  • LiveData – oOservable data holder class.
  • Android Architecture Components – Collection of libraries that help you design robust, testable, and maintainable apps.
    • ViewModel – Stores UI-related data that isn’t destroyed on UI changes.
    • ViewBinding – Generates a binding class for each XML layout file present in that module and allows you to more easily write code that interacts with views.
    • Data Store – Data storage solution that allows you to store key-value pairs or typed objects with protocol buffers.
  • Dependency Injection – A technique widely used in programming and well suited to Android development.
  • Retrofit – A type-safe HTTP client for Android and Java.
  • GSON – A modern JSON library for Kotlin and Java.
  • GSON Converter – A Converter which uses GSON for serialization to and from JSON.
  • Coil – An image loading library for Android backed by Kotlin Coroutines.
  • Material Components for Android – Modular and customizable Material Design UI components for Android.

Package Structure


This app uses MVVM (Model View View-Model) architecture.




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