laboratory is the next generation Minecraft server management tool fully written in Kotlin



  1. Clone this repository using git clone
  2. cd into the folder using cd laboratory
  3. Build a distribution using gradlew distZip
  4. Copy the zip file into the packages folder cp build/distributions/ packages/
  5. cd into the packages directory using cd packages
  6. Run the installation script with root privileges: sudo ./
  7. Complete installation by running laboratory

Windows: Don’t use this on Windows

macOS: It may work, idk just why would you run a minecraft server on macOS


To update laboratory, just run the installation steps again (this time do cd laboratory first and then do git pull instead of clone) and confirm the copy action with A. You will get some errors but that is fine as it tries to create folders that already exist. Verify update by running laboratory info


To create a server run laboratory create <server-name> <server-software>

To start an existing server run laboratory start [server-name] and select the server.




laboratory currently supports the following server softwares:

Support for other servers like Forge is planned.

This project was inspired by pacmc and CloudNet


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