A simple app to hit the NY Times Most Popular Articles API and show a list of articles, that shows details when items on the list are tapped (a typical master/detail app). App is built with MVVM architecture using Hilt, Retrofit, Coroutines, LiveData, RoomDatabase, Database Debugging, DataBinding.

The app has following packages:

  1. data: It contains all the data accessing, repositories and manipulating components.
  2. di: Dependency providing classes using Hilt.
  3. model: It contains data classes and or models.
  4. ui: View classes along with their corresponding ViewModels.
  5. utils: Utility classes.

Classes have been designed in such a way that it could be inherited and maximize the code reuse.

Library reference resources:

  1. Coroutines: https://codelabs.developers.google.com/codelabs/kotlin-coroutines/
  2. Hilt: https://github.com/googlecodelabs/android-dagger-to-hilt
  3. Retrofit: https://square.github.io/retrofit/
  4. Room: https://developer.android.com/topic/libraries/architecture/room.html
  5. AndroidDebugDatabase: https://github.com/amitshekhariitbhu/Android-Debug-Database
  6. DataBinding: https://developer.android.com/topic/libraries/data-binding

Run below command for test cases and coverage report in teminal.

./gradlew createDebugCoverageReport


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