Netguru Android: Recruitment CR task


Things that you need to have before starting working with a project.

  • Your git provider (Github, Gitlab etc) account is up and ready.
  • You have Android Studio installed.

Code Review Preparations

  1. Create a repository on your account.
  2. Commit and push the code from “” to your main branch.
  3. Copy “code_review_pr.diff” to your root directory for that project.
  4. From that dir run “git apply code_review_pr.diff”.
  5. Remove the “code_review_pr.diff” file.
  6. Make a new feature branch from the main one.
  7. From the same dir call “git add .” .
  8. Commit and push those changes to your feature branch.
  9. Make a pull request and start the code review.
  10. Try to handle the PR review like a real case in a commercial project.
  11. Comments are being evaluated based on quality of feedback, validness, proposed solutions (if applicable).
  12. When you finish, send us the repository with a code review to check.


Step by step instructions what you need to do after fulfilling the prerequisites and preparations to launch the application.

  1. Open the project in Android Studio.
  2. Project should build itself without errors.
  3. You should be able to launch the application.
  4. Launching the app can give you some more context about the issues in code review ;).


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