Movie Time Android App (Winter 2022)


Movie time is an app for Android written in Kotlin for tracking movies that the user has watched and for keeping tracking of upcoming releases.

  • The app allows users to monitor and browse movies and check the list of top rated and upcoming ones.
  • Users can sign in with their Google account to track their watched movies and gain insight into their watch history.
  • Users can also be notified for when upcoming movies are released in theaters.

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User Interface

Navigation Tab:

  • Main page (Bottom nav bar)
  • Search bar to search for movie by its title
    • Results are the movies in the list format
    • Each movie entry is clickable and opens a separate tab for each of the result movies (explicit intent)
      • Movie’s details
      • A list of similar movies on the bottom of the page (horizontally scrollable)
  • Browse
    • Top rated movies
    • Upcoming movies
  • User Profile (Top nav bar)
    • Stats and Settings
      • Show a separate tab with the user’s information (explicit intent)
      • Enable sign in option with Google account
    • Ability to share stats (explicit intent) [similar to spotify’s year in review]
    • Stats info
      • Watch minutes
      • Longest watched movie
      • Favorite genre
    • Settings
      • Dark Mode
      • Delete Account
  • Library of watched movies (Bottom nav bar)
    • List format of movie posters
    • Movies that have been added to the user’s watch list

Seperate Views:

  • Movie Detail
    • A detailed view of a selected movie: should display movie poster along with stats such as duration, year released, Director, Leading Actor, ect. View is reached by selecting a movie in the Library or Browse tab.


  • Movie
    • Now in theaters
      • Notifies the user when a movie has recently been released

Build using the MovieDB API.


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