NammaEv – Latest Branch – v3

Updated Code in v3 Branch

Mobile app developed using kotlin with MVVM architecture and with some stable libraries

Video demo link –

A single activity application with only three screen -> Home with vehicle and user details -> Nearby with charging stations and Repair shops(can add any number of shops/other stuffs-dynamic) -> EV-Parts population

Backend NodeJS – We choose nodejs and mongodb for backend.

KMM backed backend server – Deployment issues

Screenshots: 174469199-a707ec66-ed6b-4c77-98c4-55b34ed59bad 174469203-1e76b3d6-8c10-4d1b-80aa-c048f624a7e3 174469204-81b41b90-504e-4932-a7e3-65ad239fd6c4


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