Peer Support

Peer Support is a community-based peer to peer mental health therapy platform built using Webex Android SDK.

Video Demo

Peer Support Android App Demo


In this application, the user can create new therapy sessions or join an existing session and start messages and meetings in the group using Webex android SDK. Here, the user can login using OAuth or as a guest user using JWT. We use SDK to create sessions, let the user join the sessions, get details of the members in the sessions, retrieve details of the user and soon. During the meeting the user can define various meeting options.


  1. Add the following repository to your top-level build.gradle file:

    allprojects {
        repositories {
            maven {
                url ''
  2. Add the webex-android-sdk library as a dependency for your app in the build.gradle file:

    dependencies {
        implementation 'com.ciscowebex:androidsdk:3.2.0@aar'


Support Groups

The first page in the peer support app is the support groups page. In this all the support groups that are active/ closed are displayed and you can view the details of the support group.

Support Groups Page


By clicking on the info icon on each support group, you can view the description, owner of the group, session ID, member emails, duration, gender or age preferneces of that group.


Members in a Group

You can view the number of members present in a group on the support group card. To view the mebers details like email address, press on the info icon.

Member in a Group

Join the Space

Once you are ready and would like to join a space, you can click on the Join button and you are already not a member it turns to waiting and you have to wait till the owner of the space lets you in. But if you are a member you can directly join the space and start messaging and calling.

Join the Space


This is the second page in the peer support app. In this all the support groups you are a member of is shown. If you are the owner of a specific group then, view join request button is also shown.

Create New Session

You can click on the green create new session button on the top to create a space. On clicking you can enter the details like topic name, description, duration, and other peer preferences like gender and age.

Create New Session

View Join Requests

If you the owner of any support group, you will be able to see this button in this page. You can click on a specific group card to view and allow people into that space.

About Me

Next page in the peer support app is the about me page. In this page you can view your details like avatar, email ID, last activity and status. You cn also edit your information like gender and age details. This is always optional.

About Me

Stay Anonymous

If you wish to stay anonymous, while logging in just click on the stay anonymous button and you will be logged in as a guest user. Your details wont be displayed to anyone.

Stay Anonymous


Once you are done exploring the application please click on the logout button to securely logout.


Please contact us at [email protected]


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