MDToast – MaterialDesign Toast

A lightweight Toast library written with Kotlin inspired by MDToast with Easy to use extensions for Kotlin developers and fully accessable for Java Developers. If you don’t know how to use extension methods, first search about it ?

  • Info

    Info Toast

  • Success

    Success Toast

  • Warning

    Warning Toast

  • Error

    Error Toast

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All these extensions available for Context class, and you can use it everywhere that context or activity instance is available ( or applicationContext ). see examples

Extensions Usage
Context.sToast(message) Create an Android default short Toast
Context.lToast(message) Create an Android default long Toast
Context.sInfoToast(message) to show a short Info MDToast
Context.lInfoToast(message) to show a long Info MDToast
Context.sWarningToast(message) to show a short Warning MDToast
Context.lWarningToast(message) to show a long Warning MDToast
Context.sSuccessToast(message) to show a short Success MDToast
Context.lSuccessToast(message) to show a long Success MDToast
Context.sErrorToast(message) to show a short Error MDToast
Context.lErrorToast(message) to show a long Error MDToast

You can also create a fully customized MDToast with Context.customMDToast(...)

    message: String,
    duration: Int = MDToast.LENGTH_SHORT,
    type: Int = MDToast.TYPE_INFO,
    bgColor: Int? = null,
    icon: Drawable? = null,
    borderRadius: Int? = null,
    elevation: Int? = null,
    typeface: Typeface? = null,


Add jitpack maven link in your root build.gradle ( or settings.gradle base on your gradle version ) at the end of repositories:

repositories {
     maven { url '' }

Add the dependency

dependencies {
     implementation 'com.github.mortezaom:MDToast:1.0.0'

Now you can use MDToast and extensions in your project.

For Java Language Developers

However the extensions are not usable in java language, still you can use MDToast.makeText(...) method in your codes. ( don’t forgot to call show() method )

MDToast.makeText(this, message, MDToast.LENGTH_SHORT, MDToast.TYPE_INFO).show()



You can also create a fully customized Toast:

     Context context,
     String message,
     int duration = LENGTH_SHORT,      
     int type = TYPE_INFO,
     int bgColor = null,
     Drawable tIcon = null,
     int borderRadius = null,
     int elevation = null,
     Typeface typeface = null

You can enter your custom values instead of each parameters or send null to them, also you can use setters method to change the values for each items.


If you can add new things, You are welcome ! you can have pull requests ?
Or if there is any question or error you can open a new issue.
I will happy to see more stars if you like this ?


MortezaOM – [email protected]

The End ?


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