Snap Time Picker

Another Material Time Picker for developer who do not like default Material Time Picker that difficult to use for most users






implementation 'com.akexorcist:snap-time-picker:1.0.0'


  • iOS Time Picker like with Material Design style
  • Some text & color customization
  • Selectable time range support
  • ViewModel support for event callback with LiveData (See example)

Snap Time Picker Sample


Relevant class in SnapTimePicker

  • SnapTimePickerDialog - Main Class
  • TimeValue - Time data holder that contain hour and minute
  • TimeRange - Time range data holder that contain the range of time with start (TimeValue) and end (TimeValue)

To use the SnapTimePicker you have to create the SnapTimePickerDialog from builder

val dialog = SnapTimePickerDialog.Builder().build()
//, tag)

SnapTimePickerDialog made from DialogFragment (AndroidX) so it need SupportFragmentManager from Activity/Fragment and any string tag. If you have no idea for the dialog tag. You can use SnapTimePickerDialog.TAG

To custom some text and color in TimePickerDialog.

SnapTimePickerDialog.Builder().apply {
}.build().show(supportFragmentManager, tag)

Title, Prefix and Suffix must be define with string resource. ThemeColor and TitleColor must be color resource

Text Customization

Color Customization

To set pre-selected time and time range in TimePickerDialog.

SnapTimePickerDialog.Builder().apply {
    setPreselectedTime(TimeValue(2, 34))
    setSelectableTimeRange(TimeRange(TimeValue(2, 15), TimeValue(14, 30)))
}.build().show(supportFragmentManager, tag)

Color Customization

For event callback from SnapTimePicker, you have assign the listener after build the SnapTimePickerDialog from builder.

SnapTimePickerDialog.Builder().apply {
    setListener { hour, minute -> 
        // Do something when user selected the time 
}.show(supportFragmentManager, tag)

But use listener does not good enough if the app can work in portrait and landscape. To support screen orientation, call useViewModel() in SnapTimePickerDialog then observe the event callback from SnapTimePicker's ViewModel from SnapTimePickerUtil

SnapTimePickerDialog.Builder().apply {
}.build().show(supportFragmentManager, SnapTimePickerDialog.TAG)

SnapTimePickerUtil.observe(this) { selectedHour: Int, selectedMinute: Int ->
    onTimePicked(selectedHour, selectedMinute)

SnapTimePickerDialog can be called from anywhere in your code but SnapTimePickerUtil.observe(...) must called in onCreate() only (That's how ViewModel and LiveData works).

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