Marks App

Marks App

Marks App brings to you the best way to learn Maths.


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Libraries used

  • Gson
  • intuit sdp & ssp
  • katexmathview for displaying latex
  • splashscreen API

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Marks App

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Package Structure

com.mihir.marksapp             # Root Package
├── model               # Model data classes
└── ui                  # UI/View layer
    ├── adapter         # Adapter, ViewHolder 
    └── screens         # All App Screens 

How to contribute?

What do you need to get started?

Latest version of android studio and basic android and googling skills will get you going.

All contributions are welcomed, Properly describe changes made and attach supporting ScreenShots in the PR. For major changes first open an issue.


Initial work: Mihir Shah Design credit: Marks team, this project was created as an interview process assignment


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