Kotlin, Spring WebFlux, R2DBC and Redisson microservice ?✨?

?‍? Full list what has been used:

Spring Spring web framework Spring WebFlux Reactive REST Services Spring Data R2DBC a specification to integrate SQL databases using reactive drivers Redisson Redis Java Client Zipkin open source, end-to-end distributed tracing Spring Cloud Sleuth auto-configuration for distributed tracing Prometheus monitoring and alerting Grafana for to compose observability dashboards with everything from Prometheus Kubernetes automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications Docker and docker-compose Helm The package manager for Kubernetes Flywaydb for migrations

All UI interfaces will be available on ports:

Swagger UI: http://localhost:8000/webjars/swagger-ui/index.html


Grafana UI: http://localhost:3000


Zipkin UI: http://localhost:9411


Prometheus UI: http://localhost:9090


For local development ??‍??:

make local // for run docker compose


make develop // run all in docker compose


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