SavedState Compiler Plugin

Kotlin compiler plugin generates support methods for use SaveStateHandle without constants and string variables.


If need to use SaveStateHandle, you must declare a variable, like that:

    companion object {
        private const val TEXT_FIELD = "text"

    val text: MutableLiveData<String> = savedStateHandle.getLiveData(TEXT_FIELD, "Hello World")

This plugin eliminates necessity declares a variable. Same example with plugin:

    val text: MutableLiveData<String> = getTextLiveData("Hello World")

How it use

  1. Apply plugin to your module, sync it and you can use annotation @SaveState
  2. Mark by this annotation fields witch you want to use with SavedStateHandle, and support methods generated in realtime.


  • The SaveStateHandle variable mast be declarated in class.
  • As a key for SaveStateHandle plugin uses name of a annotated variable

4 generated methods

For example takes this variable

    private val savedStateHandle: SavedStateHandle
    val text: LiveData<String>

1. getTextValue()

It method return value from SavedStateHandle. Inside it:

  private fun getTextValue(): String? {
    return savedStateHandle.get<String>(key = "text")

2. getTextLiveData()

It method returns LiveData from SavedStateHandle. Inside it:

  private fun getTextLiveData(default: String? = null): MutableLiveData<String> {
    return savedStateHandle.getLiveData<String>(key = "text", initialValue = default)

3. getIdentifierText()

It method returns the key witch uses for set and get value in SavedStateHandle. Inside it:

  private fun getIdentifierText(): String {
    return "text"

4. setTextValue()

It method sets value in SavedStateHandle. Inside it:

  private fun setTextValue(text: String?) {
    savedStateHandle.set<String?>(key = "text", value = text)

One more things

The plugin also allows:

1.Type checking. Supports all types from the documentation and indicates an error if, for example, POJO did not implement parcelable

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  1. Validates presence of a variable SavedStateHandle in a class. If class contain an annotated variable and the variable SavedStateHandle is not found in the class, then the plugin will notify you

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Copyright (C) 2022 Toxa2033

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you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
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