Kapshot is a simple Kotlin compiler plugin for capturing source code text from closures.


Include the io.koalaql.kapshot-plugin Gradle plugin in your build.gradle.kts:

plugins {
    /* ... */

    id("io.koalaql.kapshot-plugin") version "0.0.2"

Now your Kotlin code can use CapturedBlock<T> as a source enriched replacement for () -> T. You can call source() on any instance of CapturedBlock to access the source text for that block.

import io.koalaql.kapshot.CapturedBlock

val captured = CapturedBlock {

check(captured.source() == """println("Hello!")""")

You can invoke the block similar to a regular function:

import io.koalaql.kapshot.CapturedBlock

fun equation(block: CapturedBlock<Int>): String {
    val result = block() // invoke the block

    return "${block.source()} = $result"

check(equation { 2 + 2 } == "2 + 2 = 4")


The purpose of this plugin is to support experimental literate programming and documentation generation techniques in Kotlin.

An example of this is the code used to generate this README.md. Capturing source from blocks allows sample code to be run and tested during generation.

View the source here: readme/src/main/kotlin/Main.kt


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