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Koala Plot

Koala Plot is a Compose Multiplatform based charting and plotting library allowing you to build great looking interactive charts for Android, desktop, and web using a single API and code base.

Try out the web version of the samples for a quick look at the possibilities when using Koala Plot. Note that this uses the alpha Compose web-canvas capability, so there may be bugs in the underlying Compose framework, and it is fixed at a resolution of 1024 x 768.

This project is in a pre-release experimental/alpha state. We encourage you to give it a try, make suggestions for improvement, and even contribute! It is expected that the API surface and functionality will change as we gain experience using the library in applications.

Current Features

Most elements of a plot are Composables and can therefore be easily customized. This includes things like colors, fonts, borders, shapes, user interaction, etc. Web support is provided by the Compose-web Canvas support currently in alpha.

  • Pie and donut chart
    • Composable slices, with default implementation that can react to hovering
    • Optional Composable labels and Composable connectors with provided linear and bezier implementations
    • Composable content for donut chart centers
    • Customizable first-draw animation
  • Line chart
    • Linear or Log y-axis
    • Numeric or category x-axis
    • Composable axis titles and value labels
    • Optional Composable symbols at each data point with default implementations
    • Zoom and pan one or both axes (Android only, for now)
  • Vertical bar chart
    • Linear or Log y-axis
    • Numeric or category x-axis
    • Composable vertical bars with a provided default implementation
    • Support for clustered and stacked bars
    • Support for negative values and bars that don’t start at 0
    • Customizable first-draw animation
    • Zoom and pan one or both axes (Android only, for now)
  • Chart layout
    • Combines an optional Composable title, plot, and legend with any of 4 positions
  • Legends
    • Single column
    • Flow-layout

Getting Started

To build locally and integrate with your own code, follow these steps (when more mature, we’ll publish to the Central Maven repository):

  1. Clone the repository to your local machine
git clone https://github.com/koalaplot/koalaplot-core.git
  1. Build and publish it to your local maven repository
./gradlew publishToMavenLocal
  1. Add the MavenLocal repository to your project and include Koala Plot core as a dependency in your project’s build.gradle.kts

repositories {

dependencies {

You can also see a complete example of a build.gradle.kts in the samples.


Latest build API documentation.

Also see the sample repository for code examples.


Contributions are welcome. Further details can be found in the Contributing Guidelines


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