This library, using Kotlin Coroutines, provides an easy way to interact with Android Runtime Permissions

  • Only Coroutines and AndroidX
  • Designed for using in ViewModel/Presenter/etc
  • Observe permissions statuses changes by Coroutines Flow
  • Easy handle multiple permissions requests
  • No hurt with lifecycle, rotating, DKA – just working in CoroutineScope
  • No callbacks
  • No additional activities
  • Request queue – everything will be ok, even if you make several requests from different CoroutineScope at the same time


// Root build.gradle:
allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { url "" }

// Target module's build.gradle:
dependencies {
    implementation "com.github.mintrocket:MintPermissions:0.0.3"


Android SDK: Minimum API level is 21 AndroidX: this library requires AndroidX Coroutines: this library requires Kotlin Coroutines


To get started, you can install ExampleApp and explore its source code


By default library automatically working with activities. Just add this in your Application.

class App : Application() {
    override fun onCreate() {

If you want manually working with activities, add config. But you should add initMintPermissionsManager() in every activities where permissions might be needed

class App : Application() {
    override fun onCreate() {
        initMintPermissions(MintPermissionsConfig(autoInitManagers = false))

class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity(R.layout.activity_main) {
    override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {

If you love and respect DI, you also can do something like that (Koin for example)

val libraryModule = module {
    single { MintPermissions.controller }
    factory { MintPermissions.createManager() }

Request example

class SampleViewModel(
    private val permissionsController: MintPermissionsController
) : ViewModel() {

    companion object {
        private val cameraPermissions = listOf(

    // Update ui by permissions changes
    val statuses = permissionsController.observe(cameraPermissions)

    fun onActionClick() {
        viewModelScope.launch {
            val result = permissionsController.request(cameraPermissions)
            if (result.isAllGranted()) {
                // handle granted
            val denied = result.filterDenied()
            val needsRationale = result.filterNeedsRationale()

Additional info


Library can detect these statuses
- Granted - when permission granted
- Denied - when "never requested" and "permanently denied"
- NeedsRationale - when needs rationale
- NotFound - when not found in declared permissions in app manifest

But in some other libraries, you might see statuses like “cancelled, denied permanently, just denied, etc.” – this is impossible to detect. In other libraries, they combine Status and Action, which is formed when Status changes. In this library, these concepts are separated.


Available only in MintPermissionResult. Library can detect these actions
- Granted - when status changed "not granted" -> "granted"
- NeedsRationale - when status changed "not needs rationale" -> "needs rationale"
- DeniedPermanently - when status changed "not denied" -> "denied"


- status - permission status
- nullable action - action that appears if the status before and after does not match 


- fun observe(permission: MintPermission) - observe single permission, returns single status
- fun observe(permissions: List<MintPermission>) - observe multiple permissions, returns list of status
- fun observeAll() - observe all declared permissions, returns list of status

- fun get(permission: MintPermission) - get single permission, returns single status
- fun get(permissions: List<MintPermission>) - get multiple permissions, returns list of status
- fun getAll() - get all declared permissions, returns list of status

- fun request(permission: MintPermission) - request single permission, returns single result
- fun request(permissions: List<MintPermission>) - request single permission, returns list of result

If you pass non-existent or undeclared permissions, the library will return MintPermissionStatus.NotFound. All observe* and get* methods returns “cached” information about permissions statuses. Values are updated on focus change and onResume in activity.


There are more than 40 useful Extensions for working with Status, Action, Result – Source Code


Be sure to review the changes list before updating the version


If you find any bug, or you have suggestions, don’t be shy to create issues or make a PRs in the develop branch.


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