Jetpack Compose Country Code Picker Emoji

  • ? Emoji flag icons - beautiful and minimizes library size
  • ? Country numbers hints (option to disable)
  • ? Phone number visualTransformation (Automatic number formatting)
  • ?? Automatic country recognition (detection by sim card if sim card is inserted)
  • ⚙️ Advanced customization options (see usage below)
  • ? Fast! Flattened layouts and immutable collections prevent unwanted recomposition.
  • ✅ Code quality checks with Ktlint and Detekt, snapshot testing with Paparazzi
  • ? Multilingual: Turkish, English, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, Somali, French, Chinese, Hindi



See MainActivity in the sample app for a full example. Also check out the ComposeCountryCodePicker documentation for all available composables and utilities.

var phoneNumber: String by rememberSaveable { mutableStateOf("") }
var fullPhoneNumber: String by rememberSaveable { mutableStateOf("") }
var isNumberValid: Boolean by rememberSaveable { mutableStateOf(false) }

    modifier = Modifier.fillMaxWidth().padding(horizontal = 10.dp),
    onValueChange = { (code, phone), isValid ->
        Log.d("CCP", "onValueChange: $code $phone -> $isValid")

        phoneNumber = phone
        fullPhoneNumber = code + phone
        isNumberValid = isValid
    label = { Text("Phone Number") },
Parameter Description
onValueChange Called when the text in the text field changes. The first parameter is string pair of (country phone code, phone number) and the second parameter is a boolean indicating whether the phone number is valid.
modifier Modifier to be applied to the inner OutlinedTextField.
enabled Boolean indicating whether the field is enabled.
shape Shape of the text field.
showCountryCode Whether to show the country code in the text field.
showCountryFlag Whether to show the country flag in the text field.
colors TextFieldColors to be used for the text field. Defaults to outlinedTextFieldColors
fallbackCountry The country to be used as a fallback if the user's country cannot be determined. Defaults to the United States. See CountryData
showPlaceholder Whether to show the placeholder number hint in the text field.
includeOnly A set of 2 digit country codes to be included in the list of countries. Set to null to include all supported countries.
clearIcon ImageVector to be used for the clear button. Set to null to disable the clear button. Defaults to Icons.Filled.Clear
initialPhoneNumber An optional phone number to be initial value of the input field.
initialCountryIsoCode Optional ISO-3166-1 alpha-2 country code to set the initially selected country. Note that if a valid initialCountryPhoneCode is provided, this will be ignored.
initialCountryPhoneCode Optional country phone code to set the initially selected country. This takes precedence over initialCountryIsoCode.
label An optional composable to be used as a label for input field.
textStyle An optional TextStyle for customizing text style of phone number input field. Defaults to MaterialTheme.typography.body1
keyboardOptions An optional KeyboardOptions to customize keyboard options.
keyboardActions An optional KeyboardActions to customize keyboard actions.
showError Whether to show error on field when number is invalid, default true.

How to add in your project

Step 1: In the build.gradle add Jitpack repository.

In Groovy:

repositories {
    maven { url '' }

In Kts:

repositories {

Step 2. Add the dependency - n.b. this currently does not support Material 3.

dependencies {


  • PRs and bug reports / feature requests are welcome!
  • This project is linted with ktlint and statically checked with detekt
  • Additional checking done with Twitter's and appKODE's Jetpack Compose rules for Detekt
  • Treat other people with helpfulness, gratitude, and consideration! See the Code of Conduct
  • Use precommit hook ./gradlew :ccp:detektMain :ccp:lint :ccp:verifyPaparazziDebug to check code quality before commit

Based on togisoft's Jetpack Compose Country Code Picker

All support goes to the original author

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