Interval/Reps/Workout timer widget/app with heart rate, kcal monitoring and tcx exports for Amazfit devices running android.

This app is an interval timer made from scratch for amazfit devices to do interval trainings with HR monitoring and TCX exports, default values are tabata training's but you can use any times and sets you want

Bugs and suggestions

This app is in development so you may find bugs, if you have any please create an issue with logcat and I'll try to fix it as fast as I can. Don't report bugs that are already reported or listed in release's description
If you have any suggestions open an issue and explain it

Compatible devices

Any amazfit device running android (Pace, stratos 1/2/3, verge)


  • It may work on Nexo devices, but I won't give support to them.
  • Stratos 3 changed a lot of things so there might be lags which I can't fix, blame huami
  • TCX files are saved in "Internal Storage/AmazTimer", for some weird reason windows sometimes can't read it, so you can get them using adb pull /sdcard/AmazTimer or through AmazMod


Install using
adb install AmazTimer-X.X.apk && adb shell am force-stop
Update using
adb install -r AmazTimer-X.X.apk && adb shell am force-stop
You can also use installer or install it through AmazMod.


adb uninstall me.micrusa.amaztimer
You can also use installer or uninstall it through AmazMod