Bintray Upload Plugin

Insanely easy way to upload your Android Library to Bintray/JCenter.


Add plugin dependencie to build.gradle of the Project

buildscript {
    repositories {
    dependencies {
        classpath "com.aliasadi:bintray-upload:1.0.1"

Getting started

  1. Add apply plugin to build.gradle of the Module that you want to upload to bintray.
apply plugin: 'com.aliasadi.bintray-upload'
  1. Use the uploadToBintray closure to set the info of your package:
uploadToBintray {
    versionName = '0.0.1'
    groupId = 'com.aliasadi'
    artifactId = 'sample-library'
    gitUrl = ''

Upload to bintray

  • Terminal
./gradlew uploadToBintray -P bintrayUser=USER -P bintrayKey=KEY 
  • IDE


Configuration of the uploadToBintray closure

Propertie Description
*groupId The group id to use for the upload
*artifactId The artifact id to use
*versionName The versionName to use
*gitUrl The url of the vcs for this project
desc A short description for this package in bintray
website A string with the url for the website of this project. The Github repo can be used here
bintrayUser The username to be used to upload
bintrayKey The bintray API key for the user account
repoName The repository name. Set to 'maven' by default
packageName The display name for this package in bintray. If not set, the artifactId will be used for this.
organization organization name to use for upload the library to specific organizationId
issueTrackerUrl The url of the issue tracker for the project
licences The licence name. Set to 'Apache-2.0' by default