CalendarListview provides a easy way to select dates with a calendar for API 10+. You can find a sample that show how to add DatePickerView to your layout without customization.



The lib is available on Maven Central, you can find it with Gradle, please

dependencies {
    compile 'com.github.traex.calendarlistview:library:1.2.3'


Declare a DayPickerView inside your layout XML file:


Next, you have to implement DatePickerController in your Activity or your Fragment. You will have to set getMaxYear and onDayOfMonthSelected. The first one is the max year between the current one and this maxYear. The second one is called every time user selects a new date.

    public int getMaxYear()
        return 2015;
    public void onDayOfMonthSelected(int year, int month, int day)
        Log.e("Day Selected", day + " / " + month + " / " + year);


CalendarListview is fully customizable:

  • app:colorCurrentDay [color def:#ff999999] --> The current day is always in bold but you can change its color
  • app:colorSelectedDayBackground [color def:#E75F49] --> If you click on a day, a circle indicator or a rouded rectangle indicator will be draw.
  • app:colorSelectedDayText [color def:#fff2f2f2] --> This is the text color of a selected day
  • app:colorPreviousDay [color def:#ff999999] --> In the current month you can choose to have a specific color for the past days
  • app:colorNormalDay [color def:#ff999999] --> Default text color for a day
  • app:colorMonthName [color def:#ff999999] --> Month name and year text color
  • app:colorDayName [color def:#ff999999] --> Day name text color
  • app:textSizeDay [dimension def:16sp] --> Font size for numeric day
  • app:textSizeMonth [dimension def:16sp] --> Font size for month name
  • app:textSizeDayName [dimension def:10sp] --> Font size for day name
  • app:headerMonthHeight [dimension def:50dip] --> Height of month name
  • app:drawRoundRect [boolean def:false] --> Draw a rounded rectangle for selected days instead of a circle
  • app:selectedDayRadius [dimension def:16dip] --> Set radius if you use default circle indicator
  • app:calendarHeight [dimension def:270dip] --> Height of each month/row
  • app:enablePreviousDay [boolean def:true] --> Enable past days in current month
  • app:currentDaySelected [boolean def:false] --> Select current day by default
  • app:firstMonth [enum def:-1] --> Start listview at the specified month
  • app:lastMonth [enum def:-1] --> End listview at the specified month