JetBrains Copilot

GitHub Copilot support for the IntelliJ Platform.


Yes, this is my first IntelliJ plugin. All things considered, I didn’t expect it
to become as popular as it is currently, but here we are. It started off as a
quick hack to have some simple autocompletion, meant for private use really.

Given my lack of familiarity with the IntelliJ Platform SDK, I’m unable to
provide a lot of support for the plugin itself, namely in terms of diagnosing
issues. I’d expect that Copilot will get an official plugin when it is fully
released, hopefully without the shortcomings of this current hack.

To end off this short monologue, thank you for all the support on this project.
I will do update where possible, but given my lack of familiarity some features/fixes
may not be feasible for me to implement.


Download the latest release.
Select the Install Plugin from Disk option in IntelliJ’s plugin menu, then select the
downloaded ZIP. Then restart IntelliJ.

Plugins Menu


Is this officially supported by GitHub?

No. JetBrains Copilot is a third-party plugin and has no affiliation with GitHub.
As such, use it at your own risk, as we use some internal APIs from the Visual Studio Code plugin.

How long will this be maintained?

The plugin will be maintained until GitHub creates their own official plugin.