Holocron – XWing Tournament Software

Holocron is a tournament management program for X-Wing Miniatures. Easily generate pairings, track scores, and determine winners with our user-friendly interface. Perfect for tournament organizers looking to streamline their events. Holocron is a tournament software written in Java 17 with the use of jlink and jpackage to produce native executables for Windows, Linux, and MacOS.


  • Swiss tournament support
  • 2.5 tournament rule support


Native distributions can be found in the releases section of this repository. Simply download the appropriate executable for your operating system and run it.


Holocron is built on JavaFX and can be built with Maven. Simply run mvn clean package to create a jar file with all dependencies included. The resulting jar file can be found in the target directory and can be run with ┬┤java -jar holocron.jar.

Future Plans

I plan to introduce more features to Holocron in the future, such as support for additional tournament rules and the ability to customize tournaments. Stay tuned!


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