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Gradle Plugin that removes unused resources in Android projects

Gradle Plugin that removes unused resources in Android projects

Unused Resources Remover for Android

Gradle Plugin that removes unused resources in Android projects.


  • Easy to remove unused resources by simple gradle command
  • Customize extra/exclude files configuration
  • Support DataBinding & Multi module project

Simple usage


buildscript {
  repositories {
    maven { url "https://plugins.gradle.org/m2/" }
  dependencies {
    classpath "gradle.plugin.com.github.konifar.gradle:plugin:0.3.3"

NOTE: If your gradle version is 2.1 and later, you can use new snippet for plugins DSL.
If you want to know more details, see plugin page.


apply plugin: "com.github.konifar.gradle.unused-resources-remover"


$ ./gradlew removeUnusedResources

Advanced usage

This plugin checks some basic resource files below.

   |  |--*.xml
   |  |--*.xml
   |  |--*.xml
   |  |--*.png
   |  |--*.jpg
   |  |--*.9.png // 9-patch
   |  |--*.xml
   |  |--*.xml
   |  |--*.xml
   |  |--*.png

If you want to check other files, you can add custom remover settings in app/build.gradle.

Here is two example.

  • fonts.xml (actually same format with strings.xml)
  • text_appearance.xml (actually same format with styles.xml)
unusedResourcesRemover { 
  extraRemovers = [
    createXmlValueRemover("fonts", "string", "string"), // fonts.xml
    createXmlValueRemover("text_appearance", "style", "style", "style") // text_appearance.xml

There are other optional configuration below

unusedResourcesRemover {
  // Write file or directory names
  excludeNames = [
    "strings.xml", // strings.xml is never checked
    "res/drawable" // drawable* dirs are never checked
  // When dryRun option is true, unused files are not removed.
  dryRun = true // default false

To know more, See UnusedResourcesRemoverExtension


This project is under development.

I'm always welcome your contribution! Feel free to report Issue or send Pull Request!

Project structure

plugin/         - The main module of Gradle plugin
example/        - An example android project that uses this plugin
example-module/ - An example module that are used in example

Download repository

$ git clone [email protected]:konifar/gradle-unused-resources-remover-plugin.git
$ cd gradle-unused-resources-remover-plugin

Edit build.gradle

dependencies {
    classpath 'com.android.tools.build:gradle:3.1.2'
    classpath "org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-gradle-plugin:$kotlin_version"

+//    classpath "gradle.plugin.com.github.konifar.gradle:plugin:0.3.3"
-    classpath "gradle.plugin.com.github.konifar.gradle:plugin:0.3.3"
    // For mavenLocal
+    classpath 'com.github.konifar.gradle:unused-resources-remover:0.3.3'
-//    classpath 'com.github.konifar.gradle:unused-resources-remover:0.3.3'

Install to local maven

$ cd plugin
$ ./../gradlew assemble install

Run example

$ cd example
$ ./../gradlew removeUnusedResources
$ > Task :example:removeUnusedResources 
$ extraRemovers:
$   fileType: font, resourceName: string, type: DEFAULT
$   fileType: text_appearance, resourceName: style, type: STYLE
$ excludeNames:
$   fonts.xml
$ dryRun: false
$ [layout] ======== Start layout checking ========
$ [layout] example
$ [layout]   Remove unused_layout.xml
$ [layout]   Complete to remove files.
$ [layout] example-module
$ [layout]   No unused layout files.
$ [layout] plugin