Unused Resources Remover for Android

Gradle Plugin that removes unused resources in Android projects.


  • Easy to remove unused resources by simple gradle command
  • Customize extra/exclude files configuration
  • Support DataBinding & Multi module project

Simple usage


buildscript {
  repositories {
    maven { url "https://plugins.gradle.org/m2/" }
  dependencies {
    classpath "gradle.plugin.com.github.konifar.gradle:plugin:0.3.3"

NOTE: If your gradle version is 2.1 and later, you can use new snippet for plugins DSL.
If you want to know more details, see plugin page.


apply plugin: "com.github.konifar.gradle.unused-resources-remover"


$ ./gradlew removeUnusedResources

Advanced usage

This plugin checks some basic resource files below.

   |  |--*.xml
   |  |--*.xml
   |  |--*.xml
   |  |--*.png
   |  |--*.jpg
   |  |--*.9.png // 9-patch
   |  |--*.xml
   |  |--*.xml
   |  |--*.xml
   |  |--*.png

If you want to check other files, you can add custom remover settings in app/build.gradle.

Here is two example.

  • fonts.xml (actually same format with strings.xml)
  • text_appearance.xml (actually same format with styles.xml)
unusedResourcesRemover { 
  extraRemovers = [
    createXmlValueRemover("fonts", "string", "string"), // fonts.xml
    createXmlValueRemover("text_appearance", "style", "style", "style") // text_appearance.xml

There are other optional configuration below

unusedResourcesRemover {
  // Write file or directory names
  excludeNames = [
    "strings.xml", // strings.xml is never checked
    "res/drawable" // drawable* dirs are never checked
  // When dryRun option is true, unused files are not removed.
  dryRun = true // default false

To know more, See UnusedResourcesRemoverExtension


This project is under development.

I'm always welcome your contribution! Feel free to report Issue or send Pull Request!

Project structure

plugin/         - The main module of Gradle plugin
example/        - An example android project that uses this plugin
example-module/ - An example module that are used in example

Download repository

$ git clone [email protected]:konifar/gradle-unused-resources-remover-plugin.git
$ cd gradle-unused-resources-remover-plugin

Edit build.gradle

dependencies {
    classpath 'com.android.tools.build:gradle:3.1.2'
    classpath "org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-gradle-plugin:$kotlin_version"

+//    classpath "gradle.plugin.com.github.konifar.gradle:plugin:0.3.3"
-    classpath "gradle.plugin.com.github.konifar.gradle:plugin:0.3.3"
    // For mavenLocal
+    classpath 'com.github.konifar.gradle:unused-resources-remover:0.3.3'
-//    classpath 'com.github.konifar.gradle:unused-resources-remover:0.3.3'

Install to local maven

$ cd plugin
$ ./../gradlew assemble install

Run example

$ cd example
$ ./../gradlew removeUnusedResources
$ > Task :example:removeUnusedResources 
$ extraRemovers:
$   fileType: font, resourceName: string, type: DEFAULT
$   fileType: text_appearance, resourceName: style, type: STYLE
$ excludeNames:
$   fonts.xml
$ dryRun: false
$ [layout] ======== Start layout checking ========
$ [layout] example
$ [layout]   Remove unused_layout.xml
$ [layout]   Complete to remove files.
$ [layout] example-module
$ [layout]   No unused layout files.
$ [layout] plugin