Gradle Best Practices Plugin

Add to your project

// build.gradle[.kts]
plugins {
  id("com.autonomousapps.plugin-best-practices-plugin") version "<<latest version>>"

Use it

./gradlew :plugin:checkBestPractices

Where :plugin is the name of your plugin project.

Or, since the checkBestPractices is automatically added as a dependency of the check task:

./gradlew :plugin:check

Example results

The checkBestPractices may print a report such as the following:

com.test.GreetingPlugin#apply(Ljava.lang.Object;)V ->
  com.test.GreetingPlugin#apply(Lorg.gradle.api.Project;)V ->

com.test.FancyTask#action()V ->
  com.test.FancyTask#doAction()V ->
  com.test.FancyTask$ReallyFancyTask#doAction()V ->

This indicates that your plugin is calling Project#allprojects(), which violates best practices no matter the context; and also that it calls Task#getProject(), which violates best practices when called from the context of a method annotated with @TaskAction.


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