This is a Gradle plugin for integrating Cuda’s nvcc compiler in the build process.

?   Example

Since the plugin is available on Gradle’s Plugin Portal it can be applied within the build script’s plugins block.

plugins {
  id "io.github.jbcbezerra.nvcc" version "0.1.2"

Applying the plugin adds the nvcc task which has to be configured by the build script.

nvcc {
    cuFile("${project.projectDir}/src/main/resources/") {
        // The compile phase
        compilationPhase = ptx

The plugin will try to find nvcc inside PATH (usually in usr/bin directory)

?   Configuration Options

The nvcc task currently exposes the following configuration options.

Name Type Required Description
cuFile java.lang.String X The absolute path of the .cu file.
compilationPhase java.lang.String X The stage up to which the input files must be compiled
... ...
... ...

In the future, even further parameters are to be included accordingly. (see here)

?   Requirements

  • OpenJDK 11 – We recommend using SDKMAN! for installation
  • NVCC Compiler – Under Ubuntu 20.04 a simple installation via sudo apt install nvidia-cuda-toolkit is sufficient.


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